MERDEKA Means Responsibilities

Thursday, August 16th, 2007 § 2 Comments

Happy MERDEKA !!! Pekik MERDEKA !!! MERDEKA !!!

I still did not understand, why some of Indonesian experties always say, “we have not MERDEKA yet”. Then “foreign economic policy still ON in our country” or “our education system still occupied by foreign education system” or “why the authority can make own businesses so smooth?”.

Actually (to me), what MERDEKA means to them was not clear. MERDEKA can mean different things to different people. And MERDEKA is an example of that.

To some people MERDEKA means no responsibility. To the authority, it means having power and ability to assume responsibility. Is it MERDEKA to be taken care of, or does MERDEKA mean to be able to take care of oneself?

“We have still facing problem with kinds of security”, I quoted from “the Enemy of the state” film. The good guy (sang jagoan), says, “kinds of security means his security”. So the word of security have double values. Is it same with MERDEKA word ?

How far does personal MERDEKA go? Does personal MERDEKA mean believing, doing, and saying whatever we wish to believe, do, or say, whenever or wherever we wish–having no obligations to anyone? Some would claim their right to total release from all laws, rules, and obligations. Living with those who have this total concept of MERDEKA could be extremely unpleasant and perhaps dangerous.

NO my dear friends, MERDEKA means RESPONSIBILITY.
You have responsibility for what you write in your blog.
You have responsibility for what you do in Highway or in Jalan Kampung.
You have responsibility for what you do in your community.
You have responsibility for what you say to your kids and family.
You have responsibility for what you have done in your office –be have bro.

And Surat At-Taubah 41 says (translated by Bahasa Melayu)
“Pergilah kamu beramai-ramai (untuk berperang pada jalan Allah), sama ada dengan keadaan ringan (dan mudah bergerak) ataupun dengan keadaan berat (disebabkan berbagai-bagai tanggungjawab); dan berjihadlah dengan harta benda dan jiwa kamu pada jalan Allah (untuk membela Islam). Yang demikian amatlah baik bagi kamu, jika kamu mengetahui.

Happy MERDEKA my friends and salam sayang untuk keluarga.

So what is MERDEKA, anyway? You tell us.


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