Remote Webcam Spy Pennsylvania School

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SpyCamThe suburban Philadelphia school being investigated for spying on students using MacBook laptops will lose the ability to turn on the built-in cameras remotely when they update their security software.

Absolute Software, makers of LANrev, say they are going to remove the webcam remote activation feature from the software this week.

In a note to customers today, the company said:

“We know that webcam pictures are an ineffective tool in tracking down the location of a stolen computer. Taking pictures of lawful computer users without their permission, and without law enforcement involvement, is contrary to Absolute’s policies and is inconsistent with our existing, more effective product offering.”

“Based on recent events, we have received many inquiries about TheftTrack from customers who are concerned and who want to ensure their organizations are not involved in a similar incident.”

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A Closer Look At The iPhone

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Jejaring Sosial and You

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Bisnis Online Khusus Ibu-ibu

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Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan ke

Cara Online Berhenti Merokok

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Mendengar judul di atas, saya selalu tersenyum. Bagaimana tidak, yah -pasti tersenyum lah. Saya berpikir, banyak rekan yang selalu berujar mau berhenti merokok. Demi keluarga dan demi kesehatan adalah alasan utama. Tapi ngomong tinggal ngomong, prakteknya jauh panggang dari api.

Mungkin memang begitu kodrat manusia yang meremehkan apa yang dia sudah miliki. Orang terdekat sudah repot-repot kasih free nasehat, dan diabaikan. Orang cenderung melihat trend untuk diimplementasikan pada dirinya sendiri. Maka muncullah ide cemerlang Cara Online Berhenti Merokok.

Stop SmokingSitus memberikan cara jitunya, yaitu berupa aplikasi berhenti merokok melalui jejaring Facebook. Diharapkan kekuatan komunitas mampu menghentikan kebiasaan buruk ini.

Lantas, apa yang ditawarkan? Tentu saja aplikasi monitoring motivasi yang dilengkapi dengan ebook dan forum. Tapi kekuatan intinya adalah kebersamaan orang-orang terdekat yang bisa di-cover oleh Facebook.

Tertarik. Silahkan meluncur ke Dan JANGAN merokok di hari bebas tembakau 10 Maret 2010 besok.

Anang & Syahrini

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Gosip dikit ahhh … mosok serius terus. Giliran cerita Anang dan Syahrini di Hongkong.

10 Blackberry Secrets

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Many of us hold it more often than our lover’s hand.

But what do we really know of the mysterious background of this communications paramour we call BlackBerry?

QMI Agency asked Rod McQueen — Canadian author of BlackBerry (, a book that digs deep into the making of the now iconic device — to tell us 10 things you likely didn’t know about your little BB and the two men behind our favourite addiction.

1. The first product from Research In Motion, founded in 1984 by university dropouts Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin, was called Budgie. It consisted of a TV screen linked to a keyboard that allowed entry of point-of-sale information by retailers. Of the 100 units produced, only one-third sold.

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